The sweet taste of Facebook like

We Facebook like as we know it is sprinkled through out the the internet as a recommendation, a way to keep in touch and sharing your world with other. I like just becomes a number in you Facebook Insights. What if you could value the Facebook like more and actually taste it?

As a project for Society46 where I previously worked I hooked up a custom built candy machine with the Facebook Graph API to put in a bit more value to what a Facebook like meant. As someone from the other side of the world would like Society46, we would get the reward by a simple drop of candy. A reminder and a taste of what internet can offer, remote interaction.

facebook_candy_machineThe candy machine also detected if someone checked in on Society46 and visiting clients would can a share of the sweet taste as Society46 got there name in the Facebook news feed.

With a starting cost of building and developing the candy machine the only cost to get people to interact with it was the cost of one melon candy.
The entire candy machine was build to unveil the mechanics of electronics and meccano working together.