Wearable tech in practice

Coda Collective was invited to Seminar on Wearable Technology on Nordic Design and Innovation Week in Shanghai. The tools and open source hardware makes the gap between the fashion industry and electronics smaller than ever. With circuit boards tailored towards textiles and wearable technology the possibilities are endless. Ellen Sundh presented her early project on wearable tech, a belt measuring your posture. Flexing the technologies of today she made 2 jackets that can “talk” over the internet. With 3D printed parts and a motor the jackets moved as one person clicked a button on the other jacket. Raspberry Pi (a one-card-computer) was used to drive the motors and connect to local wifis.



Panel discussions with Xiaojing Huang – Yang Design, Ellen Sundh – Coda Collective, Niklas Bergh – Zound Industries, Qu Xiaoping – Tobii Technology and fashion designer Simon Wang.

Flapping jackets from Ellen Sundh on Vimeo.