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Wearable tech in practice

Coda Collective was invited to Seminar on Wearable Technology on Nordic Design and Innovation Week in Shanghai. The tools and open source hardware makes the gap between the fashion industry and electronics smaller than ever. With circuit boards tailored towards textiles and wearable technology the possibilities are endless. Ellen Sundh presented her early project on wearable tech, a belt measuring your posture. Flexing the technologies of today she made 2 jackets that can “talk” over the internet. With 3D printed parts and a motor the jackets moved as one person clicked a button on the other jacket. Raspberry Pi (a one-card-computer) was used to drive the motors and connect to local wifis.



Panel discussions with Xiaojing Huang – Yang Design, Ellen Sundh – Coda Collective, Niklas Bergh – Zound Industries, Qu Xiaoping – Tobii Technology and fashion designer Simon Wang.

Flapping jackets from Ellen Sundh on Vimeo.

The sweet taste of Facebook like

We Facebook like as we know it is sprinkled through out the the internet as a recommendation, a way to keep in touch and sharing your world with other. I like just becomes a number in you Facebook Insights. What if you could value the Facebook like more and actually taste it?

As a project for Society46 where I previously worked I hooked up a custom built candy machine with the Facebook Graph API to put in a bit more value to what a Facebook like meant. As someone from the other side of the world would like Society46, we would get the reward by a simple drop of candy. A reminder and a taste of what internet can offer, remote interaction.

facebook_candy_machineThe candy machine also detected if someone checked in on Society46 and visiting clients would can a share of the sweet taste as Society46 got there name in the Facebook news feed.

With a starting cost of building and developing the candy machine the only cost to get people to interact with it was the cost of one melon candy.
The entire candy machine was build to unveil the mechanics of electronics and meccano working together.

Physical computing meets Unity

With a combination of renowned technology and electronics your strength of squeezing can affect the 3D world of Unity by connecting these two. Touching the material in our reality as we know it and at the same time affecting a computerised 3D world. With the established platform of Unity the outside world can be the controller and affect it in real time.

What started out as a prototyp and concept of work quickly grew into a new platform of interacting. What if several people could interact with the same platform at once. Taking the experience of Kinect and make it available to more people at one. Produced during my time as Society46 for a global furnishing company.