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Creativity in the north of Sweden


Together with the amazing speakers of Creative Summit 2013 I was invited to talk about my creativity in technology showing my work of electronics and programming.

Amber Case talked about the area between humans and machines and the history of cyborgs.

Bitsy Knox talked about her experiments of creativity and art work.

Christine Sun Kim played her audio work and described her experience of exploring sounds.

Denise Wilton from Berg in London described the creatives process of their impressive work.

Sofia Svanteson, founder of Ocean Observations talked about how our cars can communicate their health and how the possibilities for doing the same with the human body is here.

Susan Stone from Tonic revealed the science of music and how it affects us as humans in our everyday life as well as in advertising.

Katrina Todd from Contagious Magazine with her insights and experience into trends of behaviour and digital experiences moderated the event.