Remote candles to be lit from anywhere


The All Saints Day is a tradition that dates back to hundreds of years to celebrate the saints that have no day of there own. Since early 1900 people lit candles on family graves to remember their loved ones. During this weekend cemeteries all over Sweden lights up with these candles. The Swedish Church wanted to bring this tradition into new light where anyone could light up a candle where ever they were with an internet connection.

Nearly a 1000 leds were casted into stearic and hanged onto trees on 4 cemeteries around Sweden. During the All Saints weekend people could go onto the web from computers and mobiles to see their light being lit. People inputed their pray and through a broadcasted live stream from each cemetery people could see their candle among all others light up the dark.


With the widely built out 4G network the candles could be controlled and live streamed from multiple cemeteries around Sweden. The real-time messaging service Hydna was used to handle the real-time data of candles lighting up and “burning out”. A queue system was built to enable a candles as soon as they became available again. The live stream was served by Rackfish with as little as one second delay.

Coda Collective helped agency Story by Machine to address and light up each candle over a 4G connection making it possible to control each light in real-time in the matter of milliseconds.
With impressing number of lit candles the campaign was documented and can be seen on the Swedish Church Youtube channel.