Lectures & workshops

Facilitating workshops in new technology, technology driven ideas and creativity. Lecturing about new technology and present case studies of interactive campaigns.


Showing off new technology or talking about the future of technology and what you can do with it. Case studies and behind the scenes footage to describe the project life cycle, obstacles and the whaooo feeling when it works! The advanced system behind The Sound of Football or the electronic experiments ending up as commercial projects. Different lectures for different perspectives on new technology.


Previous lectures

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The workshops often involve new technology wether it is trying on physical computing or brainstorming around ideas that are based on different technologies. The workshops can often be seen as a creative injection into what you do at your daily work and teach you about the technologies and campaigns to come. For schools it provides a hands on understanding in technology trends and Internet of things.


Photography by Anders Mellbratt

Previous workshops

Berghs School of Communication
Geek Girl Meetup Stockholm
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