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The sweet taste of Facebook like

We Facebook like as we know it is sprinkled through out the the internet as a recommendation, a way to keep in touch and sharing your world with other. I like just becomes a number in you Facebook Insights. What if you could value the Facebook like more and actually taste it?

As a project for Society46 where I previously worked I hooked up a custom built candy machine with the Facebook Graph API to put in a bit more value to what a Facebook like meant. As someone from the other side of the world would like Society46, we would get the reward by a simple drop of candy. A reminder and a taste of what internet can offer, remote interaction.

facebook_candy_machineThe candy machine also detected if someone checked in on Society46 and visiting clients would can a share of the sweet taste as Society46 got there name in the Facebook news feed.

With a starting cost of building and developing the candy machine the only cost to get people to interact with it was the cost of one melon candy.
The entire candy machine was build to unveil the mechanics of electronics and meccano working together.

Physical computing meets Unity

With a combination of renowned technology and electronics your strength of squeezing can affect the 3D world of Unity by connecting these two. Touching the material in our reality as we know it and at the same time affecting a computerised 3D world. With the established platform of Unity the outside world can be the controller and affect it in real time.

What started out as a prototyp and concept of work quickly grew into a new platform of interacting. What if several people could interact with the same platform at once. Taking the experience of Kinect and make it available to more people at one. Produced during my time as Society46 for a global furnishing company.


3D audio based navigation system


By combining tracking technology from Tracab and an iPhone application the Sound of Football project gave visually impaired football players a new football experience. With the data from the tracking system the position of each player could be feed into the iPhone app 25 times a second. The data was unique to each player on contained positions on the cm. With the position data each player experience a 3D sound environment where important objects around them were represented with sounds.

With sounds for goals, ball, nearest players and side lines we developed a new navigation system for visually impaired people. The setup for the sounds made the nearest sounds appear more often and louder filtering giving the player a sonar like perception of the environment. Compass and gyro sensor of the phone adapted the sound landscape as the player moved their head.

My role as a Creative Technologist and developer was to investigate the technical routes and implement the iPhone application, hook it up to the Tracab tracking system. In the project I worked closely with the sound designer to try out different 3D sound profiles and implement FMOD into the iPhone application. I also developed my own compass and sensor stabilization and designed the mounting of the device on the players’ heads. Made at Society 46.

Pepsi – The Sound Of Football from Ourwork on Vimeo.

Collaborate through your device

Co:Create is an interactive art piece shown at the ART SELLS exhibition by Higher Pitch in London. With real time technology Co:create explored the iPhones as a tool for making collaborative art works. The Safari browser on the iPhone enabled us to access the acceleration sensors in order to maneuver a brush on the collaborate canvas.

With the real time server we could transmit the movements of several people phones at the same time. Their movements created unique traces of brushes that interacted with each other. The installation was documented to be seen here:

As a Creative Technologist I explored and decided on the technology that was going to be used. The goal was to try out a new technology and at the same time serve a new experience for people to interact and collaborate. The project also gave the team an opportunity to try out new technology and build a platform for similar projects. Made at Society46.