Coda Collective is a freelance service bringing interactive experiences through creative technology.  Investigating new technology or combining existing technologies to bring a new experience to life.

Coda Collective is run by Ellen Sundh who has more than 15 years in the digital industry and the passion for technology. Coda Collective serves to bring creative ideas into the day light.

Coda Collective brings you the code and implements your design to pixel perfect measures. In other words Coda Collective does not do any design work but leaves that to the professionals in your agency or production company.

When to hire Coda Collective?

As a Creative Technologist and developer I can be part of different phases of your project life cycle. It can be at the start of your project where you need an injection of technology based ideas or just get inspired by the latest tech trends and experiments I am doing.


With a long experience of trying out different technologies I can quickly set up a prototype or research the different alternatives of your ideas.

Specification and proof of concept can be done in order to make a blue print for further production and communicate the product contents to the client. Depending on the project I can develop the creative technology in production and supervise other developers in the process.